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theMUSETTE is myself, Ian S Walton and I currently live in fabulous Barcelona. Please email me for enquiries. I'm primaraily focused on documenting events and emotions. These encompass everything to me. From a coffee through to a race win at Il Lombardia. They are both events and both provide emotions and I want to place the viewer in the situation to feel these emotions as close to being there as possible. For them to interpret what they see and feel their personal emotion based on that image or suquence of images. Essentially I am telling a story with images. I use this style in a a commercially viable and commissionable context. Most of our choices - a cafe visit, a trip, a race visit or a clothing purchase and more - are based, whether we like it or not, on emotions. Therefore on shoots, I immerse myself in the location and the subjects at the heart of the shoot and relay the emotions I feel. Convey that to the viewer. Make them want to make that choice. I therfore aim to put the viewer in my images. They are not a barrier to be look at, but a window, or an open door, to be looked and walked through. Commercial commissions for enterprises across the globe. I am available for commissions and shoots all year round and all around the globe. Rates begin at 350€ per half day, dependant upon the nature of the shoot and exposure of the provided licenses. Post processing included at no added cost and license for digital images for the specific use of the shoot. Recent summer 2015 commissions and shoots include: La Fabrica Girona Cycling cafe for marketing on their web, social media and beyond. In cafe product and documentary shots and on bike shots. Babici Cycling and Clothing Apparel (Australia) for marketing a specific jersey with a Spanish theme. A mixture of candid and hero shots with an elite Spanish track cyclist as a model on various locations in and around Barcelona. marketing consultant, creative contributor and consultant (Commercial and Web, images, copy and consultancy)
Also, published cycling photography and writing and a cycling consultant. From races to places to the people that make cycling magical. Published work: - Volata Magazine feature piece on the Alps. Issue 5 (in Print) with several Alps images for a feature. - Number 22 Bikes; Main and sole stand image for NAHBS 2015 Cyclocross award winning bike manufacturer -; creative contributor (images and copy) - Bicycling Magazine (US); image contributor - Cyclist (UK); advertising image content for client - The Ride Review (AUS); creative contributor (copy) -; creative contributor (images and copy) - The Walton Wood Journal; Self published cycling book - Volumes 1 and 2. (Images and copy) - La Fuga Travel; creative contributor (Commercial and Web, images and consultancy) - The Ride (UK); creative contributor (images and content) - Print exhibitions; Soho, London. - Private prints; many, Worldwide. Join Strava club and share rides around the world Go on, email me, I am very nice. Really.

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