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Esteban Chaves. Giro D’Italia Stage 14 Winner
I got onto a photo shoot for Craft Sportswear at Orica's pre-season thanks to being referred by Girona's Christian Meier. He's an example of most of the Orica crew I met; hard working, friendly, down to earth. Basically nice blokes. Riders and staff. One was the constantly smiling, extremely talented, hard working, nice bloke Esteban Chaves. We've met a few times since, he always greets me warmly - smiling - considerately in English ("Hello my friend") though he knows I speak Spanish - switches seamlessly to Spanish when I introduced my Spanish girlfriend, and always asks more about what is happening in my life than wants to talk about his; even after being battered by the wind on a decidedly not mountainous long escape into Vilanova i la Getru in La Volta in March. It's just a sign that "es detallista". Es un señor. And that win into Corvara yesterday was amazing. I have been building a trip (for Sommet) that will spend 4-5 days in and around Corvara in July, re-visiting memories of rides and plotting routes. To see this kid who has battled back from a massive crash, with the help of this supportive, friendly, team, win a beautiful stage in the most beautiful area, was very special. He and the whole team - those at the Giro and those not - deserve it.  

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And it's capped a special week, a week that re-enforces faith in good folk and hard work; my stolen bike being recovered within a couple of days, due to efforts of my friends (Christian and his La Fabrica crew) in Girona (thanks!!), shooting and running a trip in that amazing Girona region, dreaming of the Dolomites while building a trip and now, Esteban winning in Corvara. Enhorabuena my friend! Check out Estaban's team in Colombia also, giving back to his home country.

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