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Sunday saw a bit of fun on the 'cross bike. One of the pleasures of riding is meeting up with my mates, another is meeting new mates. This ride started from a new taller here in Gracia (Plaça de Mañé i Flaquer, near Fontana Metro), Barcelona and fell into the the latter, thanks to one of the former inviting me along (cheers Hollis). The taller, run and owned by Pau Tena - mechanic, bikefit biomechanic and a bit of a beast on the 'cross bike. Doesn't mind a cake with his coffee like me, though it doesn't show - he has a whippet build and speed. Eliseu T. Climent, of, gives a fuller history of Pau and his new place over on here (if you speak Catalan or Castellano). Anyway, if you are in need of the bike related goodness, head up to my 'hood of Gracia and to Pau's place. Just a brief intro, I will have more from here soon I hope.

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