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Speedvagen’s Sacha White in Girona
The Service Course in Girona has been hand designed and built by Christian and Amber Meier with fancy dan expert designer Marcel Battle in the mix (take a bow all!) to be one of the best bike spots around.   Aside from being a shop it's a great space for intimate presentations so all it needs is a kindred spirit to come and chat to eager folk.
Enter stage left, Sacha White of The Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen. A little while ago, he was in town to have a bit of a chat then Q&A with the good folk of Girona - and a few blow ins from further afield - and then a bike fit session/ride the next day on a short loop out the back of the town.   Christian has just got his retirement bike from Speedvagen, and a beauty it is, so he was introducing Sacha with some personal experience of the process involved. The night meandered happily from the usual history setting scene (using someone else's workshop and tools to build bikes for himself and then onwards and upwards...), through to the details of trademark curved stays and integrated seat posts (a technical design genesis for a CX bike, now there because it looks good as well). From the OG off the peg bike to the custom Surprise Me paint job bikes and why steel for Speedvagen. Sufficient tech, but not bogged down in it. Indeed, the over whelming feel from the night, and the bike fit day after, was a holistic approach to bike building and fitting that is backed up with technical talent, knowledge and experience; not simply a CAD produced frame or fit. An approach with a bit of soul.
One phrase said it; "You should fall in love with the bike". That's one of the differences with a handbuilt steel bike and, something else.
RoamingĀ around as a guest of The Service Course, Sommet Cycling and Landevei

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